Use of the Meeting Room

In order to help meet community needs for meeting space, the Library welcomes the use of its facilities by local community, cultural, and educational groups.

The Library’s Meeting Room can be booked when the space is not being used for library purposes, such as library programs, Library Board meetings, or other events sponsored or presented by the Library and its staff.

The booking of all library spaces by the public is outlined in the our Public Use of Library Facilities Policy. This policy sets out the priority and conditions of use, as well as restrictions. 

Conditions of Use

The Library endeavours to provide equitable access to services and spaces to all members of our community, while maintaining a welcoming and supportive environment free from discrimination and harassment. All rental uses by the public must be conducted in a manner consistent with the Library’s Code of Conduct, and all federal, provincial and municipal laws and statutes.

The Meeting Room may not be used for:

  • Bingos, lotteries or games of chance.
  • Commercial enterprises for meetings where the sole purpose is sale of products or services.

For a full list of the conditions and restrictions of use, please consult the Public Use of Library Facilities Policy.

The Meeting Room is not available for use on Sundays or holidays. Meeting Room use must commence during the Library's hours of operation and cease no later closing. Extended use beyond normal library hours of operations, but no later than 10:30 pm, will be considered at the discretion of the Library CEO.

Booking the Meeting Room

Groups or individuals wishing to book the Meeting Room may do so by contacting the Library Administrative Assistant (ext. 3002) Monday through Friday between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm. A rental agreement must be completed and signed by an individual or authorized representative of the organization booking the facility. Payment must be made at the time of the booking.


Meeting Room Rental Fee ScheduleRate
Library Co-sponsored Events  No Charge
Non-profit, Educational, Cultural, Community Organizations $10.00 per hour*
Celebration & Other (e.g. Showers, Birthday, etc.) $20.00 per hour*
Commercial  $30.00 per hour*
* plus applicable taxes.

After Hours Janitorial & Security Rates: $50.00 per hour
Technical Support Services Rate: $50.00 per session

Equipment and Other Facilities

Chairs, tables, and access to public washrooms are provided. No other equipment is provided as part of the rental of the Meeting Room. Set-up of the Meeting Room is not provided. Users of the Meeting Room are responsible for cleaning necessitated by serving food.

Maximum Attendance

The capacity of the Meeting Room is 50 people.


Cancellation of a confirmed booking must be made 24 hours in advance in order to qualify for a refund of the booking fee. One half of the fee will be charged if the cancellation is made less than 24 hours in advance. The full amount will be charged if no notice of cancellation is given.

 pdfPublic Use of Library Facilities Policy