Resumption of Interlibrary Loan Services

12 June 2019

The Southern Ontario Library Service (SOLS) is a provincial government agency that facilitates the lending of library materials between public libraries in Ontario. On April 12, 2019, SOLS was notified by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport that their operating grant had been reduced by $1.6M. As a result, SOLS cut their ILLO courier van delivery service to public libraries and suspended ILLO requests.

While SOLS reactivated the VDX interlibrary loan software on June 1st 2019, the Woodstock Public Library required time to research the additional shipping costs due to the loss of the SOLS ILLO courier, and to develop new internal processes and protocols.

ILLO Service will resume at Woodstock Public Library on July 2nd 2019 with new restrictions. Patrons should speak with Library Circulation staff to submit requests.

In order to exercise control over extra shipping costs which were not budgeted for in 2019, the Library will implement the following limits, effective immediately:

  • WPL patrons may only have a maximum of five ILLO requests active at a time.
  • WPL patrons who do not pick up their requested ILLO items in a timely manner may lose ILLO privileges.
  • Certain collection types will not be considered for ILLO requests. We will not request:
    • Mass market paperbacks
    • Children easy readers and board books
    • Books on CD
    • Video games
    • Items from universities and colleges that charge shipping fees
  • If the Library’s collection has a title in an alternative format (e.g. eBook, Large Print), the Library may refuse to request the item in the requested format. WPL will remain sensitive to issues of accessibility, and will consider each request with care.

We expect that book club sets will become increasingly difficult to borrow from other libraries given the shipping costs.

While some patrons have indicated that they would be willing to pay for ILLO items, the Public Libraries Act prohibits libraries from charging the public for library services.


Questions concerning ILLO services at the Library can be directed to the Library CEO, at 519-539-4801 ext. 3000.


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