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Our cloudLibrary collection is available in both eBook and eAudiobook formats! This collection covers best selling fiction and nonfiction titles for adults. Borrow up to 10 items at one time

  • eBooks: 14-day loan
  • eAudiobooks: 14-day loan

Place up to 6 holds at one time and receive an email when it becomes available.

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Hoopla's collection of ebooks and other formats continues to grow rapidly. With more than 180,000 always available ebook titles it is a collection worth exploring. This collection covers popular fiction and nonfiction titles for adults, teens and kids. Borrow and stream up to 4 items per month

  • Movies & TV: 3-day loan
  • Music: 7-day loan
  • Audiobooks: 21-day loan
  • eBooks: 21-day loan
  • eComics: 21-day loan

Titles are available all the time. No holds and no waiting--they are ready when you are!

NEW! Hoopla Bonus Borrows: This collection of over 1000 items is available to borrow and stream without using monthly credits. Search "bonus borrows" to discover these titles.

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