Creator: Purington, C. W., Honoured Secretary

Title: Minutes of Tenth Meeting, 1917, June, 27th, American Committee of Engineers in London

3 pages. American Committee of Engineers in London, Minutes of Tenth Meeting held on the 27th June, 1917. page 1 of 3

Boyle, Joe, 1867-1923

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The Len Taylor Collection; Published with permission from the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland, Deputy Keeper of Records and Mr. James Boyle of Ballymena. D1943/1/1

Text: AMERICAN COMMITTEE OF ENGINEERS IN LONDON MINUTES of Tenth Meeting, 27th June, 1917. Present: - Messrs. Mitchell Messrs. Brown Humbert Clarke Hough Shaler Smith Plunkett Gay Nash Fifer Lawson Petithory Martin Cautley Purington Crane. (1) Secretary read Progress Report on Plan No. 1. by Poland (secretary of sub- Committee) as follows: Colonels Boyle and Macdonell, representing the sub-committee, will, as be- fore stated, proceed to Petrograd for the purpose of carrying out the in- structions of your Committee and in due course will report back to London in regard to the general situation and the action which they have taken. The general plan of They will also report on what it seems probable to do towards putting a greater number of locomotives and cars in service out of those already in russia. It is not likely that the Secretary of the Committee will be able to make a further report until the other members have actually arrived on the ground and have advised London of the situation. 1917, and notice of arrival of sub-committee at Petrograd is now awaited. Secretary also read letter from Gen. E. Hermonious, president of the Russian Government Committee in London, dated June 21st, 1917, as follows: Dear Sir: In reply to your lettor of the 18th instant I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter of the 4th June, the contonts of which I duly noted. I have written a letter of introduction to our Assistant Minister of War, introducing the members of the sub-committee, Lt. Col. J. W. Boyle, Lt.Col. J. A. Macdonell and Mr. John Kennalley Jnr. who are going to Russia with regard to transport at the Front. Telegraphic notice of the plan was wired by Associated Press to New York June 24th 1917, and also to Petrograd. Suggestion of Petithory regarding up-to-date telephone train despatching (systems)